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You deserve to have supportive relationships in your life and that includes family

You deserve to have supportive relationships in your life and that includes family

Distancing yourself from family can be more challenging emotionally, depending on your situation. We often have complicated histories with our family members, making it challenging to create the distance we need. Be mindful that you deserve nothing but the best from your relationships, as you navigate limiting contact with relationships that aren’t serving you.

5. Cultivate or Nurture Relationships with People Who You Trust

To fill your emotional cup, it’s. a great idea to spend time with people who you trust and who make you feel safe so that you can feel comfortable sharing your inner world and your feelings with them. These are people who might have shown signs of empathy in the past.

These are the relationships that will help you work through the feelings you are experiencing from the challenges you are having from the person who isn’t showing empathy.

Also, take time to reflect on your experience, as you cultivate new relationships throughout your life. Watch for signs within your new relationships that the other person is empathetic, so you can prioritize this in your life.

6. Know That Your Value and Worth Does Not Depend on Their Validation and Opinion of You

While it’s so easy to try and get validation from others, our self-worth should never be based on approval from others. Your value comes from within you and it doesn’t matter what others think about you. This can take some practice and might be a skill that requires some practice.

Understanding and connecting with your own value can be challenging. Here’s meet sugar daddy in california a step-by-step guide to help you realize your true value: How to Build Self Esteem (A Guide to Realize Your Hidden Power)

7. Take Loving Actions Towards Yourself

Offer yourself kindness and practice doing things that reflect self-love – eat healthy, get enough rest, pursue your dreams, work on yourself, develop a spiritual life, surround yourself with loving and positive people.

To give you more ideas on how to develop and future self-love, here’s a list of 50 Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Really Love Yourself

8. If You Feel Too Overwhelmed, Get Professional Help

Find a caring and compassionate therapist or life coach who can be there for you and offer guidance during painful times. Getting help from a professional is common and more accessible than ever, with both in-person and virtual options available. Many professionals will communicate over video chat and even text message. While we want to lean on our personal relationships where possible, unfortunately, our friends and family can’t always provide all of the emotional support that we need at times.

If the person that you’re dealing with shows a willingness to be more open to change and become more empathetic and caring, then you have a real opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why some people lack empathy. Dealing with these people is not easy and may leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed. While you navigate these challenging relationships, it’s important to prioritize your own wellbeing. With my advice, you’ll learn that you can’t change someone, however, you can change your attitude towards them. Shifting your mindset will be one of your biggest tools in successfully dealing with people who lack empathy.

Remember that you can’t save everyone, and that while some people are willing to get help, not everyone will and don’t have control over that. You can love yourself enough to not let people who lack empathy to overpower you. Set boundaries and do what makes you happy. Ultimately, don’t be afraid to get professional help when you are overwhelmed.

4. Don’t Interrupt

Additionally, Empathy is one of the defining characteristics and foundational pieces of emotional intelligence. Mental Health America defines Emotional intellegence as

As a result, these people end up lacking self-compassion, self-love and are disconnected from their authentic self and divine connection to source. They are probably not even aware that such disconnection is like a defense mechanism from their ego because if they empathize, they need to relate, get in touch with their feelings and feel the pain.

It is okay to transition this person from friend to acquaintance. Shared friend groups can create challenges when trying to limit contact with someone, so making your relationship very light and surface may be the best way to go.

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