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Solar Carport EVA-Lanxmeer

Netherlands' first communal solar carport with smart charging capabilities

The smart solar car park of the future

The solar carport in EVA-Lanxmeer was the very first of its kind in Europe. Featuring 784 solar panels with a combined output of over 200 kWp, this carport can charge many different EV’s simultaneously. It also features Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G) Charging.
A prime example of the inhabitants’ desire to drive sustainable progress, is the smart solar car park, where (shared) electric vehicles can directly charge from solar power. As a bottom-up inititiative led by SmartHoods member Amar Sjauw en Wa, the community managed to pull off an advanced project that is years ahead of its time. 
Its most impressive features include a smart charging algorithm that charges cars fast and efficiently, and automatically releases the cable upon finishing, to be used for the next car. Since 2020, Vehicle-2-Grid technology has been added that allows the cars to be used as batteries to manage peak power flows and help stabilise the grid.
Smart chargers
Charging spots
kWp rated power
Solar panels

Solar carport

The roof of the car park consists of 2 V-shaped segments with a total of 784 solar panels, generating a peak power of 200kW during a sunny day, enough to charge all EV's.
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EV car sharing

A communal shared parking lot charges EV's with local power. The goal is to create a fleet of shared vehicles, instead of everyone owning their own vehicle.
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Residents are exploring options to 'smartly' charge their EV's using an app that controls the charging of the car during peak-hours, in order to lessen the grid load.
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Bi-di charging

Since 2020, new charging points have been installed that allow for feeding in electricity. This saves money while at the same time helping to stabilise the grid.
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Aerial view of the car park 1
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Aerial view of the car park 2
Aerial view of the car park 3

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