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Tour des Ecovillages pt. 6: Tamera
Tamera is one of the most renowned regenerative communities worldwide. It is known for its experimental model for free cohabitation, where people live in peace with animals, nature and each other. Around 200 people live and work together here, trying to restore both the surrounding land and man’s connection with it.
Tour des Ecovillages pt. 5: Gathering of the Tribes
We spent 5 days at Gathering of the Tribes, to connect, learn and play with over 50 different regenerative communities and projects from around Portugal. It resulted in many interesting workshops, conversations and experiences, all centered around the topic of renegerative communities.
Tour des Ecovillages pt. 4: LiberTerra
Ten sustainable mobile homes, partly or mostly off-grid, make up LiberTerra: a living community focused on living in harmony with nature. Collectively they either produce or buy their own food and recycle their own waste streams.
Tour des Ecovillages pt. 3:
Zeven Dining Experience
In the heart of the oldest forest of the Netherlands, a new circular dining experience has arisen: Zeven. Great care has been taken to construct a highly circular openair restaurant, where only hyperlocal (<30 km) food is served. 
Tour des Ecovillages pt. 2:
A Quinta da Lage
We visited A Quinta da Lage, a regenerative eco-farm based in the coastal natural park in South Western Portugal. The inhabitants like to inspire future farmers and anyone else interested in nature and growing food.
Tour des Ecovillages pt. 1:
Traditional Dream Factory
Our first stop is a newly started regenerative eco-project in the heart of Portugal, founded by people with roots in the cryptocommunity. Their goal is to establish a ‘Decentralised Autonomous Community’, within a network of similar projects, allowing you to travel and live without losing your sense of community.