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We are innovators builders engineers designers scientists

What we do

Circularise your neighbourhood


We helped build an aquaponics system for De Ceuvel.

Solar Caport

We helped develop an aquaponics system for EVA Lanxmeer.

New Sanitation

We helped design a new sanitation system for SchoonSchip.
Our design philosophy

In harmony with nature and people through technology


Self sufficient

Reducing external dependencies


Minimising ecological footprint


Embracing technology 


Connecting communities
Our process

We work with you from start to finish

advice gb


Holistic analysis

An exhaustive analysis of all combinations of technologies to deliver 100% circular and feasible projects
presentation gb


Preliminary engineering

Blueprints for technological, environmental and financial management of food, water, energy, waste and building technology at the house and neighbourhood level
plan gb


Project engineering

A guided process of stakeholder engagement and coordination that results in a detailed plan for realisation of the blueprint
Why work with us?

Offering you the best deal to make your vision a reality


Specialised Knowledge

Our team possesses deep theoretical  knowledge of the most novel and advanced solutions for creating highly circular neighbourhood systems.

Unique Experience

We have worked on some of the world’s most unique and innovative circular neighbourhoods, learning many valuable lessons along the way.

Trusted Network

The parties we work with have proven themselves to be reliable and trustworthy, so we can guarantee a satisfying outcome to your wishes.
Work with us

Interested? Do the HoodScan

A tailor-made assessment that will show you how to take your eco-project to the next level.

step 1

Tell us about your project

During a 1-hour intake meeting we will discuss the goal and scope of your project, and identify any special needs. After that we will send you an intake form, which will ask all the questions we need to get started.

step 2

Provide some feedback

During a 2-hour workshop we will present the preliminary results of our scan. Your feedback will allow us to create better and more tailor-made results.

step 3

Your results are ready

During a 1-hour meeting we will present the key insights and discuss potential next steps.