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Internship opportunity

Join the team refucing the ecological footprint of ElleVille

Life Cycle Analysis Internship

Located near Copenhagen, ElleVille aims to provide a sustainable and supportive community for its residents using carbon-neutral wooden houses and cutting-edge sustainable technologies. As an intern with SmartHoods, you will play a critical role in helping us assess the environmental impact of the various systems and technologies used in the ecovillage.

SmartHoods x Elleville

To enable our vision, we have partnered up with ElleVille, a highly scalable ecovillage project 1 hour north from Copenhagen that aims to provide a sustainable and supportive community for its residents. The ecovillages will be constructed using carbon-neutral wooden (CLT) houses designed by the world-famous Bjarke Ingels. The project has secured land and financing, and is awaiting approval for its zoning plan. Soon it will break ground, in January 2023, and SmartHoods is both designing and building the systems for it.
ElleVille wants to become as off-grid as possible, using both conventional and unconventional technologies such as solar panels, batteries, biomeilers, a home-made CHP, natural greywater filtration systems, district heating, etc. We are therefore creating a systems model that can incorporate all the power, heating, water, biomass and waste streams so that we can create different system configurations. We have done so for projects in the past, and are looking to streamline our methodology for systems engineering for new project developments. 

About the internship

Your responsibilities will include:
  • Conducting life cycle analysis of the food-water-energy systems used in ElleVille
  • Analyzing the environmental impact of the different systems and technologies used in the ecovillage
  • Developing a comprehensive report on the results of the life cycle analysis and making recommendations for further improvements
  • Working closely with the SmartHoods and ElleVille teams to ensure that the findings are integrated into the project design and implementation.


We’re looking for a candidate with a strong technical background, an analytical mind, and a deep passion for sustainability. You should have:
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • Technical background in sustainability, environmental science or a related field
  • Enthusiasm for sustainability, especially within the built environment.
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to think critically
  • Experience with life cycle analysis software and tools (e.g. GaBi, SimaPro, etc.) is highly appreciated.

Practical details

More info on ElleVille

The internship will last 3 to 6 months and should start in the beginning of 2023. The SmartHoods and ElleVille team will then have started building the first houses of ElleVille. You can choose to join the team fully remote, or on-site in Vejby, Denmark. In the latter case we will host you on the construction site in a CLT cabin with co-work space and a sauna, and it is expected to also help build the houses and some of the systems (10hrs/week). This will give you a unique chance to gain hands-on experience in for instance building a biomeiler or a rocket stove, which will improve the quality of your theoretical output. It is also possible to just join on-site for a few weeks, and do the rest of your internship remotely as you please.
You can choose to either work remote or on-site. If you choose to join us in Denmark, we will house you, provide food from our in-house chef, a working area and a 300 euro per month stipend. Remote work is compensated with 700 euros per month, minus 100 euro per week for each week you decide to come and visit us.

If you are interested, please submit an internship proposal with your CV and a short motivation letter to Please also let us know to what degree you are interested in helping to build some of the systems on-site. The deadline is 21 March 2023 23:59 CET.
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