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About SmartHoods

Creating a sustainable future, one neighborhood at a time

Our team

We empower communities to thrive

We are a motivated team of complementary disciplines with strong technical backgrounds

Founder & Engineer

Florijn de Graaf
Smart Energy and Building Technology

Software Developer

Leo Maslovs
Software Automation

Senior Developer

Mathijs de Bruin
Full-stack development & Agroforestry

Program Coordinator

Sky Sheridan
Business Development, Grants and Education

Systems Designer

Adam Posthuma
Landscape, Food and Water Systems Design


Amar Sjauw en Wa
Green/Blue Systems and Urban Planning

Executive Assistant

Irina Silva
Grants and Subsidies

Hardware Developer

Brian Oehlers
Embedded Hardware Sensors & Systems


Mike Rumble
Electrical, water and HVAC Systems

Board of Directors

International Development and Relations

External Advisor

Katerina Zalamova
Prof. of AI and Smart Cities University of Barcelona

External Advisor

Eva Gladek
CEO Metabolic Circular Economy

Material Advisor

Georges Taminiau
Biobased Engineering and Construction

External Advisor

Mateja Kramar
Strategy and Business Development

External Advisor

Mauricio Umann
Permaculture and Regenerative System Design

Together with our network of partners

Join our team

Help us create high-tech regenerative neighborhoods

Regenerative Systems Engineering Internship

This internship offers the opportunity to design and model an integrated food-water-energy system for a neighborhood, helping to develop a framework for all the possible neighborhood systems that can be used in future SmartHoods projects.

Smart Grid Internship

SmartHoods is now offering an exciting opportunity for individuals who are passionate about sustainability and technology to join their team as a Smart Grid Intern. As a Smart Grid Intern, you will be involved in the design and implementation of the company’s innovative smart grid systems. 

Life Cycle Analysis Internship

SmartHoods is offering an exciting internship opportunity to join our team and help conduct a life cycle analysis for ElleVille, an innovative ecovillage project. You will work on mapping out the sustainability and ecological impact, and learn about regenerative neighbourhood development..